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Society of St. Vincent de Paul
On a demandé à Intern Project Coordinator...4 octobre 2011

How do you feel about homeless people sitting outside the building

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I am comfortable with homeless people and would treat them with respect and dignity. It is why I am working for St Vincent de Paul Moins

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Have you used Microsoft Project

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Yes, but very basic usage as was taught in CAPM class earlier this year.

Bird Construction

What are some examples of leadership qualities that you've seen in your mentors?

Economical Insurance

Give an example of how you solved a conflict in a team?


The interview was really easy, they talked about the position/team for most of the time, and the only thing they asked me was if I was comfortable in a non-dev position.


Do you know how to use SharePoint?

Economical Insurance

Q: What have you been involved on campus?


Why do you want to work at Comcast? What have you learned from your previous experiences and how will they help you in this role? Tell me about a time when you felt like you failed.

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