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What is the difference between a risk and an issue?

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This is classic project management professional terminology, which I knew. But since I'm not a PMP I didn't know the precise definitions so I didn't try to bluff it. In the real world the two things are so different that you can't really point out what the differences are. I was left doing a goldfish impression - mouth opening & closing.

An issue is an actual problem which is (negatively) impacting your project. A risk is an unknown or potential future event -- can have negative OR POSITIVE impact (yes!) and may or may not occur.

In Jeopardy you wouldn't get the money! That doesn't say what the difference is, it says what each of them are, but yes a reasonable response can be extrapolated from that (my resume did say "attention to detail" even if it didn't say "PMP"). Non-PMP's will probably laugh at the concept that risks can be positive because in any normal dictionary they are only about negative things ("exposure to the chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous chance"). That PMP speak doesn't term them "uncertainties" instead of "risks" is risible.

One of the most interesting questions was around a web page that was timing out when downloading data and how you would go out addressing it. I came up with so many different ideas and it was quite fun to problem solve

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What has been your Program Management assignments Are you comfortable with the roles and responsibilities of the FTTP Program job description If there were 3 words to describe your personality as a Program Project Manager - Diligent, Dependable and Corporative.

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What skills would you bring that other candidates do not have?

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What does ArtStarts do?

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What makes a good KPI

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It was a long time ago, but one thing I do remember is the Supervisor of the position asking me who I'd help first: a student, an instructor, or herself as my boss. I answered "student" which was incorrect for her; my first priority was to be my boss! Other questions were behavioural-type interview questions.

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If helping a student and my supervisor called to alert me to an emergency and she needed to see me ASAP, what would I do?

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How do you manage conflicts?

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Questions about the big challenges I had till now and how I overcame them. About PM. Interviewer draw a linked list and asked me to give him an algorithm to identify if there is a circle in the linked list.

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