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On a demandé à un Production Manager...18 juin 2022

Skills, competenze, esperienze, private, situazionali


How do you make decisions?

Esports Engine

They asked me to tell them a bit about what I know about the company but not a test


what was Challenges in the previous company?

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with some practical examples belongs the real experience

Whats the Story of Mr Mudd Whats your Story Are you Humble Hungry and Smart

Tyson Foods

What percentage of information i need in order to make a decision?

Seven Stars Bakery

What made you want to be apart of our team?

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I was a fan of their product and also their commitment to quality with wholesale accounts. I thought it was great that they would drop a wholesale client if they where caught miss treating their product or serving day old product. Moins


1. Experience 2. Industry-related knowledge 3. Workplace scenarios questions.


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself Q: What is your relationship with classical music? Q: Tell us about a time where you had too much to do. The situational questions were very long with lots of unnecessary detail, the crux was: Q: A pianist for a concert breaks his leg, what do you do? Q: Someone who is being interviewed isn't responding to emails. Q: You've been asked to research Beethoven.

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I was asked about how bottlenecks were handled in old employer situation

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Described situation and how there were developed processes for handling most situations so really only had to deal with exceptional situations Moins

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