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How to vary silicon process to achieve low power dissipation

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Use slightly slow process

What makes you happy?

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Tell me about your experience

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What is the salary you are looking for?

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All questions were fairly easy and focused to pre-determine how you responded with special examples on different situations in the workplace.

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Can you tell me one situation where you were able to solve a problem that others could not?

What is fuel cell, and how does it work

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Basic Behavioral questions, and some situational, also asked for any technical experiences, as well as what you like to do on your free time.

What do you know about Skyjack, Why you are interested, Why should we hire you, whats your work style, How do you deal with difficult situation, How do you handle stress, How big was your team on the previous job, What is your salary expectation, when can you join, Any questions you may have. I was asked to bring 3 work references from my previous jobs.

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