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On a demandé à un Procurement Intern...11 juin 2009

If you were a brick in a wall which brick would you be and why?

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Having been a brick layer during college, I learned that each brick is at least slightly different, and the placement of a brick is essential to the overall performance of the wall. Here are some brick laying tips to consider when formulating a response to this question: - The first brick layed at the corner of a wall determines the position of every other brick in that wall. - One brick laid with too large of a head joint, or not being level or plumb can effect rows of brick beside and above it. - A soldier course of brick provides visual interest to an otherwise monotonous wall. -Bricks are made of natural clay fired in a kiln; close up each brick has a slightly different design , texture, shape, and color patterns, though all have almost exactly the same basic dimensions, though these can also vary. The keystone, or last brick placed in an arch helps support all the weight above the arch (which equally distributes that weight to the ground). Every brick in the arch shares the load equally. - I invite other masons to post further food for thought. Moins

These are what I call questions from the Barbara Walters' School of Human Resources. Questions like this one are asked when the interviewer is in over his/her head and knows nothing about the job he/she is interviewing the candidate for. Recall the widely ridiculed Katharine Hepburn interview (1981) where Walters asked the now infamous "If you were a tree" question. I have been asked a dozen variations of this question (fish, tattoo, wall, etc). I even laughed in an interviewer's face the first time thinking that because I had a media background she was making a Barbara Walters joke. She, sadly, was serious. This question is a warning that you're not dealing with an engaged interviewer and in my experience, it's a red flag about the company when they send ill-prepared interviewers to make all important first impressions. In other words, do more research before accepting an offer from such a company. Lest you find yourself a doer in a company of B.S.ers. Moins

This could be a very insightful or very stupid question - depending on who asked it. Viewing the wall as the organization, are you going to fit in? (strength in numbers angle), Or it could be a "are you a dull minded follower" as in Pink Floyd's "The Wall", All in all, just another odd question LOL Moins

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Managing a team of juniors to deliver an independent work steam

The day I registered my idea and got succes

In same company where I can not find any reason to leave.

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CDK Global

Introduction and work experience. Why you want to join the company Why you left the previous job Strength and weakness

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Elaborated my self and work experience. Answered all question and good interactive session about my goals and objectives Moins

My Process has ramp down so looking for new opportunity. My Profile matches with your requirements. Moins

Hardworking, detail oriented, Punctual, Positive attitude, Supportive & Patience. Moins

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How will you ensure that a project you implement will also meet Unilever's goals and values?

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Tough question with a lot of layers to it. Do a lot of research into Unilever's values - that's what made me fall in love with the company. Moins

Hi! Did you automatically received a level 2 email after you submitted your online application form? or you waited for several weeks before receiving the level 2 (online games) email? :) Moins

Hi! Would like to ask how did you answer the question above? I'm trying to apply for their procurement management programme. TIA! :) Moins

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Explain what is procurement, P2P cycle

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Procurement is the process of getting material to the shop floor for production order which was requested , keeping all the criteria like quality price, on time delivery etc Moins

Procure to pay. Means procurement person has to know that from initial state to ending stage. Moins

Procure to pay. Means we need know from initial stage to ending stage.

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Universal Technical Institute

Please describe a time in your career when you had a disagreement with a co-worker and how you resolved it.

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They are not asking because vthey need an answer. do you not know this? They are asking to gauge how you handle the question. Moins

I had same question. It seems they ask alot of HR questions vs experience questions. Moins

I felt confused about the question, as a supervisor/manager, this type of question made me wonder if the company has a lot of internal conflict. Why would this question even come up unless the firm has a history of problems? When I questioned the recruiter, she became defensive and assured they did not have behavioral problems among workers/management in the organization. Moins


Questions are situational so come prepared to tell them about real life work situations that you rescued

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Boeing does use selected recruiting agencies for contract (temp) work. You will interview with Boeing though. Moins

Overall experience was average. I worked at the company for 9 years

I received an email from a recruiting company for Boeing procurement agent in WA. Is this the norm? Or Boeing HR would contact you? Moins

Estée Lauder Companies

How old are you?

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Excuse me?

Did you mention to her that the question she asked is illegal?

I sort of stuttered because she just kept asking inappropriate things....but she was French and the recruiter basically acted like it was ok because they have different styles. Yes if I was interviewing in Paris, that would be fine. But it was in NYC. Moins


why did you apply and why do you want to leave your current job?

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I feel like I'm ready to take on more responsibility.

I am still strong and willing to contribute more to communities and myself job satisfaction. Moins

Retiring to me is not the best thing to get at this age; my age because it will leave me isolated and deprived from activities and people I used to interact with and contribute to their well- being. Retiring will also deprive me from seeing other parts if the world and enjoying time exploring and understanding the world around me. Moins

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Tell me if you are professionally better or worse than your ex-colleague which has recommended you. The answer had to be done with my ex-colleague near me at the interview table.

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Sorry for the -1. It supposed to be +1

It was the only question of the interview and no any additional comments or explanations were accepted but one single word better or worse. Moins

Hello guy, I don't know you but if you think this was a rude interview then you didn't do your homework brfore going to the interview. The point of interviews at Schlumberger is mainly to test your personality. Not your accademic or professional records. They already know that you have the accademic background. That's why you got invited to the interview. And i think your experience was the perfect set up to see how you react under pressure. To see if you "feel confortable being unconfortable." LOL. I interview at SLB Bucharest in Feb 2013, and my interviewer was chating on his PC while discousrsing simultanously with his colleague. He also used the words A**hole and B*tch a couple of times. This is to test your personality. And when the ask you a question say you have two options of answers, there is actually no right. they are trying to conner you and see how you react under pressure. Again as i said test of personality. And when they do all the other stuufs while you talking about yourself ( as if they don't care), it is actually to see how focus you remain when distracted. Sorry it was a bad experience for you. I found it exciting and i really respect your recruiting technique. Sniky but effective. ANNNNNDD, don't leave the one-on-one interview without asking questions of yours. And this directly to the interviewer. Try getting back at him (NOT fight him). Questions like, what was your worse experience so far as and engineer for SLB (i asked that). And if he says why ( which he said in my case), I replied ""Cuz i know even dream jobs have their ups and downs. I love slb and am excited about it, so i want to sneak pic in the live of an slb engineer and you are here so? Well, he didn't answer, but he liked it. Hope my comments help. Moins

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