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On a demandé à un Area Process Safety Engineer...16 avril 2015

Tell an instance where you had to make an unpopular decision and how did your justify it? What was the result and why

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Honestly, I had an answer prepared before I walked in the room.


Sceps, hse, process safety managenent, hse case?

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Sample of sceps, element in hse case


Can you do the work?

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I have completed this type of work previously and have experience with the methodology that was needed Moins


they asked whatever questions they like

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do not waste your time on this company

VA Tech Wabag

1. Previous experience in similar role 2. Challenges 3. Reason for job change

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1. Briefed contribution done with the similar role while working with Reliance Industries limited, PDO, RasGas etc., 2. Explained challenges faced during Loss prevention review findings implementation, closure 3. Better opportunity Moins


What is your strength

Sepadu Tech

what is a process engineer do?

Synergy Engineering

Personality, organization, about your jobdesc such as msds, hazard, safety, K3, dll


How would I improve process safety performance in (asset)

Air Products

Interview will depend on the person. Balanced set of easy/difficult questions.

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