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Resolution Health Strategies
On a demandé à un Process Improvement Manager...12 février 2010

Aren't you overqualified for this role?

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I shared my passion for the type of work, and the opportunity to be working on the ground floor. Moins



Tell me about a time when you failed at something?

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I think to understand this question you have to first understand the definition of failure...which is about as easy to define as "normal." I think when most people think if failure they think of a catastrophic event with devastating consequences. What if we redefined failure as a course correction--you can do that when you have an agile mindset. So we presented an early prototype to a stakeholder and their feedback cause the team to rethink our approach on some of the design fundamentals. However it was early enough in the process that the team was able to pivot and ultimately we only lost about 4 hours in the rework to properly align our success. Obviously I would give more specifics in my interview, but you get the idea. Moins


Let's say you start and I tell you that for your first 30 days I will give you 0 direction on what I want done, what do you do? How do you go about finding projects that need to be improved? If you narrow it down to 5 projects to work on, which ones and how? (Again, no context provided on what the projects were) Now you have 3 projects decided on, which one do you go after first?

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In each of the above questions, the manager did not like theory answers such as I would narrow down to 5 projects by determining what the customer ultimately wants, what has the best ROI, and what stakeholder priorities are. He was looking for specific answers based on Brex without providing context. Moins


How do you improve CSAT?

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Depends on the tool that you used. Different process for different tool used


Why McKesson. And a detailed case study

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Why I liked process improvement and a one hour brief on my case study


Why did you apply to Amazon?

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Good score on Glassdoor; got a positive feedback from a friend who works for Amazon Moins

Spectrum Brands

Name the are the modules of SAP-APO (not listed in the job specs)?

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Network design, demand planning, supply network planning, production planning and detailed scheduling, global availability, transportation planning and vehicle scheduling, and supply chain collaboration Moins


Tell me about your experience

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Overall review of my experience

Grant Thornton

Tell me about your work history.

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I could not answer the question because the interviewer cut me off, twice.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE

What is your technical experience and background?

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Run down of my technical experience with different software.

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