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Nitta Gelatin
On a demandé à un Process Control Engineer...20 août 2018

who is your super hero?

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What do you know about the company?



What do you know about PLC?

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I worked with PLC for 1 year, i know how to use it, and i know some commands to pre set it. Moins

I have worked with it for 1 year. I know how to pre set variables and reset them. But i am also trying to learn the back end of it. Moins


Describe a time when...

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How have you handled feedback in the past?

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I incorporate it into my project.


Technical interview was cool

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Technical interview was cool

Westlake Corporation

What concentrated of Electrical Engineering was I focused in

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At the time being I was still unsure as I hadn't experienced the electrical engineering atmosphere besides at the academia level. Moins

What s the thing you most dislike in job?

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I answered that i don't like to pull legs of my colleagues.


Describe a situation where you had a confrontation with a co-worker. How did you handle it and what was the outcome.

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Used dipomacy and empathy, defused the situation with positive outcome.


Lots of personality questions. Describe one time you failed. Describe one time you had to convince your boss against his opinion. Describe one time you had to meet a deadline. How do you divide your time for a project? Other questions were technical and related to process control, multivariate analysis, machine learning. Mostly, they were related to my thesis area.

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You have to describe a story about a failure, highlight your mistake, and emphasize the lesson you learnt. I recommend going through a guide on how to answer these personality questions. These questions are available online. Moins


Do you see yourself going more technical first or do you want to go towards managment?

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First go technical to have a skill, the transition to management, if that is something I find I might want later, would be easier than the reverse. Moins

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