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Morgan Stanley
On a demandé à un Private Wealth Management Analyst...26 mars 2009

Why did you choose your university?

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Glasgow Caledonian University is rated 3rd in the UK for Finance investment & Risk Degree and has close ties with the financial industry which is useful for academic work and for career prospects. Moins

Department, culture, diverse student body etc. Different from where I grew up.

NatWest Group

Why private ealth

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Some roles dependant on grade will mean you have to have private health insurance but the cost of this is covered within the benefit amount you receive each month if you are below the grade that private health is required you can still take it at a discounted monthly rate Moins


What is commercial awareness?

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do you remember any other question?

Goldman Sachs

Why Goldman Sachs & why PWM?

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I focused on how I was a fit for Goldman and PWM specifically. Tie in pieces of your background to help build a strong, logical case for why you should be their top pick. Create a believable, true narrative. Moins

Goldman Sachs

Do you work better on a team or as an individual?

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After explaining your answer, interviewer would play devil's advocate and ask why you don't work well as an individual if you chose team player. Moins

Morgan Stanley

Why Morgan Stanley?

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They were doing financial well at a time when no one else was, so that is what I mentioned Moins

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Why JPM, and why WM?

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Passion for WM and the opportunities JPM allows you to learn from a variety of people while also providing value in your own analyst capacity Moins

Goldman Sachs

A hirevue first where they asked a lot of behavioral questions. "What would you do if you saw your friend cheating?" "What is a headline that is interesting to you?" On the superday, I had 3 interviews with 2 full-time workers. They asked me more behavioral questions, like why I'm interested in PWM and why this specific location.

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I talked about TikTok being bought out, I researched skills that PWM job requires and incorporated it into my answers Moins

Merrill Lynch

Q: How much experience do you have in finance?

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A: None, but I am willing to be a sponge, learn, think critically, and add value in any way I can. Moins

Goldman Sachs

What motivated you to have such a great GPA

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Coming from a humble background I knew that I had to cease every opportunity that came my way. Moins

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