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On a demandé à un Private Client Banker...22 octobre 2020

Would I be available to work some weekends and or later after close if there was a pending audit?

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I stated, I would be agreeable to work some weekends. As well, I would be happy to assist if need with an audit. Moins

Yes, my job is my #1 priority, anything to assist with a cohesive effort, whether it requires working some weekends Moins

U.S. Trust

Why should we hire you.

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Most of the questions were run of the mill like this. Did not feel the local managers knew how to do hard interviews. Moins

Sotheby's International Realty

What was my experience. What earnings did I bring to my last company What brokerage licenses did I have. This turned out to be a sales job. They asked me how I felt about rejection. what were the questions I would typically ask peopke that I wanted to become my clients. What kind of networking I was prepared to do

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I was able to tell I had brought in 1.5 million in the last year but my income was fixed and I wanted to earn a bonus and have stock potetial. Moins

How would your previous experiences help you in this new role?

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Explain how they connect.


I have 5 qualified candidates. Why should I choose you?

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talked about my personality and referred to prior success

J.P. Morgan

Describe why you’re right for this role.

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Customer service background experience and sales experience in banking and retail. Moins

J.P. Morgan

How would you present and investment recommendation to a client?

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Easy, just profile the client and present a recommendation.

Bank of America

What drives you?

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Talked about my drive for success. Evident by my MBA and my progression over the years with BofA and my successful track record. I enjoy competition and am passionate about winning. Moins


Why do you want to work for Alliance Bernstein?

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William Blair

What do you know about the markets?

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What do you know about William Blair?

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