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On a demandé à un Principal Research Scientist...26 novembre 2010

Are you a starter or finisher?

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I don't think there is a right answer to that, and it depends on the job responsibility. You have to think fast on whether they want a starter or finisher. On the other hand, honesty may be a best policy here. Moins


Do you think you are a team player?

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I think I am.

University of Alabama in Huntsville

I was asked to verify my number of years of experience.

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I simply recounted which years I worked where. I urged the interviewer to contact my references. Moins


Generally, ask about real world experiences and how you handle them.

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Gave examples of how I handle the situations relating to the position I was interviewing for. Moins

Dell Technologies

My friends said I could file a lawsuit against them yet I don't have time for legal engagement. If a U.S. citizen or permanent resident is qualified for the job then he or she should be hired, whether they want to apply for green card for their existing employee or not. That's what Equal Opportunity Employer means. I guess Dell does not comply with the federal labor regulation. Then one of my former coworker who is a U.S. citizen told me that he applied for a Process Engineer position at Dell and the manager told him that, within a week they received 2,000 applications and most of them are from India. He then told me because most engineering jobs at Dell are occupied by Indian people who refer their Indian friends for engineering jobs at Dell every day. He also said, if you are not Indian, it is most likely you will not get an engineering job interview, not to mention a job offer. Apparently he is right because I am not Indian and my job interview with Dell was not real. I was used for them to test the market and benefit their green card process. There is no diversity at Dell engineering department. 99% of their engineers are Indian even though they website advocates diversity in their corporate culture. It was just a joke. Also if you get rejected by Dell for one position then you will get rejected for any other position you apply afterwards, even though their rejection email says they encourage you to check out Dell career website frequently as new positions come up blah blah.... Trust me, I tried that.

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I applied for their new position Data Scientist last Friday. Then I received a rejection email the very next day saying " after careful consideration we have decided not to move forward with your candidacy...." Really? An overnight review is a careful consideration even though I meet all the educational and industrial requirements in the job description?? This is just because their computer system shows I was rejected for a position a few months ago. Dell is very prejudiced and crooked. Good luck out there people. Moins

University of Alabama in Huntsville

There were no difficult or trick questions. I was asked about previous job experience.

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I had a well-prepared resume which had been polished with key words and phrases I knew managers looked for: specific quantities of improvement or dollars that I had managed. I expounded on contacts I knew the interviewer would be familiar with and recounted my work with them. Moins

BlackThorn Therapeutics

Give an instance of how you settle differences in opinion during a scientific discussion.


The usual introductory recruiter questions.


The question was implementation of a simple OO class and some questions about my CV.

Eli Lilly and Company

Standard questions not really hard to answer

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