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On a demandé à un Solution Architect Pre-Sales...12 septembre 2015

Why are Project testing tasks more/higher in number than Code correction tasks. Explain the potential downfalls that occur when a company clones SAP Code(be sure to relate this to external interfaces as they will not qualify this as part of the interrogation). Interview with Project manager: Define the Database schema for a Pizza ordering system.

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For SAP it is important to understand what code is being cloned(correct term is copied as Z-code) and is it for internal use or for external use. Is the code for an extractor or for extension of a current business process that remains internal to SAP ECC. Moins

Yes, which is why I correctly stated that it sounds like you are referring to what is referred referring to as Z-code. The term I was provided by the Panaya Technicalal solutions consulting manager was SAP Cloned code with no distinction as to what code or is it's reason for being cloned. Opened ended, vague questions that required by interviewer a specific question. Craft your questions to solicit the response you desire during interviews. Moins


As a contractor, how do you find work?

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I told him that I get 4 or 5 inquires based on profile and I usually sign one contract. Moins


One question asked if i was running away from something?

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I answered the question stating that I was not running from something; but towards something...opportunity! Moins

Miles Software

I have been working in my current company from last 14 years which is my 1st Job and Presales head asked an unexpected question which i think has nothing to do with my existing or for the current job which i applied. Question was : Tell me more details about you before your first Job ? Most Difficult question was : "Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?"

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For the first question it was quite simple i gave him all the details prior to my Job Next Question, answer i gave was "I see myself to establish a Brokerage House in near future. and his immediate reply was "There is no business in Indian Stock Market still you have to become a Broker" I knew he wanted me to back up my answer and i was ready for that my answer was " India is a country where there are 1.25 billion people and remove 50% of the people who are poor, aged and those who doesn't have access to computers, still you are left out with 75 Million people who can participate in Stock Trading and for 75 Million people there are hardly 20 brokers in India who have pan India presence. So it is a big big market" He understood my answer I had a pre sales experience of 1 year and they were looking for someone who had more pre sales experience Moins


"A project I am managing has changed scope 4 times - how would you protect the developers from this?"

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I would define the scope of the project sharply from the beginning and establish a team communication plan. Moins

Cognizant Technology Solutions

What does activate button does on communities?

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It activates community but interviewer wanted to know what it does in the background. Moins

Quantum Metric

What is "callback hell" in JavaScript?

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I explained what callbacks were and how they could result in large trees of nested functions. Moins


Discussion with the Interview panel was very much aligned with the The Job Description. Questions were around sharing experiences on the Cloud concepts around SAP , Azure , AWS

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My articulations allowed corelating with previous experiences and the work on the latest trends in the emerging area of Technology. Moins

Red Hat

Trick question: ...but you don't want to move into sales, do you?

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Was testing my understanding that this was a sales role.


AWS, Cloud, Kubernetes, Client Facing skills, Professional Service experience, Technical proficiency in DevOps, Jenkins, Jira, Confluence, Agile Methodology

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I had to demonstrate a good understanding of the above areas of focus given the role. Also I expressed the reason why I wanted to join iTMethods to continue their growth and gain more extensive experience in Cloud specific technologies. Also demonstrate a full life cycle awareness of Requirement, Delivery, QA, Deployment and Operations of DevOps technologies and Agile methodology Moins

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