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On a demandé à un Polymer Engineer...25 février 2017

your previous job

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just answer according to your experience

Greene Tweed

Tell me about your self

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1. Replied my experience and education. => My work responsibilities

Greene Tweed

2. Asked in detail what was responsibilities 3. Technical question on a polymer formulation

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Answers 2. Detailed responsibilities 3. Described main component of the typical formulation May be my response was too much detailed and greater responsibilities then needed => bigger responsibility than senior engineer sitting in interview. Senior engineer did not asked any question. Showed my willingness to re-locate Moins


How to solve teamwork problem

Applied Medical

They asked about my skills in Solidworks and how well I understand it.

TE Connectivity

What made me want to join that specific team in TE


What is the big challenge in your career?


What experience did I have with polymers?


How important is it for you to work in a team?


Do you have experience dealing with customers.

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