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City of Houston
On a demandé à Water Plant Operator...19 avril 2018

Do you have any experience

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I figured I guess they take a while to review after interview

What are some of the entry level questions asked?

Did you get a job offer yet?

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Energy Transfer

Why do you want to work for energy transfer?

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Looking for a job where I can help with my experience and knowledge and also work as a team member and provide my safety concerns where it can benefit others as well as myself. Moins

I have known about Energy Transfer for many years. I worked at one of Energy Transfers customers in Longview, TX and became acquainted with one of It’s buyers. Moins

I was the Controller at Gas Solutions Ltd II, a NGL processing plant. We had contracted with and sold natural gas, NGL, oil, and other products to Energy Transfer. I have worked in the oil and gas industry for 35 years. Moins

Martin Marietta Materials

What piece of equipment is the heartbeat of any concrete plant

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The air compressor. Nothing works without air

The people

Dominion Energy

At atmospheric pressure, at what temperature in degrees celsius does water freeze? Many people get this wrong somehow.

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Zero degree celcius


Cetex Petrochemicals

handling hydrogenation reaction

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Yes I m working in petrochemical plant


Do you have any questions?

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Asked a question

No Any Question.


Has a previous employer ever treated you unfairly?

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Yes, but life isn’t fair or kind all the time. You can’t allow another person’s bad behavior to become a shadow over your daily life. If dialogue with the person is not allowed or productive and it is interfering with your ability to do your job as it needs to be done, then ha chat with your most immediate supervisor to try to deescalate the situation without it becoming distracting to the whole workplace is your next logical step. In the end, although being treated unfairly is not enjoyable, it’s a job. The person is largely irrelevant outside the workplace. Family and friends are what matters and allowing workplace issues to taint your time with them is not an option. Moins

I did not feel that I had ever been treated unfairly by a previous employer.

Midland Memorial Hospital

My knowledge and preferences relating to the job.

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Gave a brief work history and descriptions of job duties at those previous jobs.


How would you deal with a co-worker who is not pulling their weight?

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First discuss with the co-worker. Second talk to the job steward. Third involve the immediate supervision. Fourth involve plant management. Last involve corporate. Try to keep the problem as localized as possible. Moins

Pure Life

Do you like this job?

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Yes, I love it very much because it is my field of study

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