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On a demandé à Pipeline Operator...8 juillet 2015

Name a time when you disagreed with your boss?

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Tell them what they want to here.

Found excellent read:

Phillips 66

None of the questions were difficult. Just mainly questions about life situations that you were involved in similar to the job you are applying for.

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This is an interesting read:

I am currently awaiting a phone call sometime next week and hopefully it will be a call saying I have the job. I hope this helped someone Moins

HollyFrontier Corporation

What makes you better than the other people applying

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Found excellent read:

Plains All American Pipeline

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

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My work ethic for starters and my drive to learn about the field that I work in on a daily basis. I am a no complaints type of guy that will shoot straight and do the difficult/labor intensive jobs when it is needed. Moins

Enterprise Products

name a time you failed and what did you learn

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Found excellent read:


Tell me about a time safety impacted your job?


Tell us about your work ethic

Pembina Pipelines

What is throughput


Standard interview questions. Nothing challenging. Focused on teamwork and safety.


interview was great peple in the town are great. However corporate is racist and even if you are the most skilled and selected for the job, you will not get the job because you are hispanic. HR only hires whites.

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