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El Paso
On a demandé à Gas Pipeline Controller...18 janvier 2010

Would you be willing to work 12 hour rotating shifts?

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El Paso

How do you like our gym?

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It is very nice.


Typical interview questions with an additional 15 minute presentation I was asked to provide about me.

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It was difficult discussing myself for 15 minutes without sounding arrogant because of my previous military job. Moins

Enterprise Products

Most stressful day at my last job?

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I spoke about an emergency I handled.

Colonial Pipeline

Very basic questions. When has safety been a concern, name a time when...blah blah blah

Colonial Pipeline

What tools do you normally use to organize or plan your workday?

Phillips 66

Time where made a mistake and how fixed/lesson learned.

Plains All American Pipeline

how are you with communication skills

Enterprise Products

Typical Interview Questions. Nothing out of the norm.

Tallgrass Energy

What would my current company miss about me when I left?

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