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On a demandé à Photographer...27 novembre 2013

Who do you know that can help me?

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No one


I need a playboy job .

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What is your motivation?

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I wanna be independent

I wanna have a good job

It is such as inspiration because different people come together to achieve one goal of bringing the best possible fashions to all ages of both sexes. Moins

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On a scale of 1 - 10 how whacky can you be?

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I come to work to work. Do I enjoy laughing and telling jokes with coworkers yes....but I am not sure how to rate myself on the whacky meter. Moins

When it comes to working working as work like you said jokes laughing out loud it it needs to be on a category of getting to your 10 if the laughing is concerning the job share it as a joke but always put your 10 first remember you always have a short period of time regardless if it's a slow day or faster it's always a short period of time Moins

Not to sure how this works but I’m a dope photographer

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The Zappos Family

On a scale of 1 - 10 how weird would you consider yourself?

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Depends on the day. Consider myself more a storyteller / joke teller and appreciates that during the day. A break in your every day routine is good for creativity. Moins

three mi lord, three!

Fruitcakes in the galaxy Fruitcakes on the Earth Strut naked towards eternity We've been that way since birth -J. Buffet 8 :) Moins

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Studio Collective

when can you start

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There was not really any questions.



Do you do any recreational drugs?

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Comment: Was given the option to "pass" or decline answering a question, but a pass to them clearly implied "yes," which is just not right. Moins

this question is why some have policies for testing your urine for drugs.

I like to keep focus and control and doing drugs limit you ability to do both.

Bella Baby Photography

Do you own a laptop, DSLR camera, flash?

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I love babies ❤️

David's Bridal

What type of camera do you use

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iPhone 8

Medium format digital

I answered with the type of camera i have.

Classic Photographers

What camera gear do you use?

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Canon t3. Show mount mic for video. Standard lenses. I also have an HP strictly for production. Adobe creative Suite 2015. Moins

18-55mm, 1.8 mm

18-55mm, 1.8 mm


How many days would you say is the most you should call in sick in a 6 month period?

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What did you say!

I think acceptable is relative you make it the flu your kid might get the flu. You both make it the flu at different times. That's twice or you might have an awesome six months that's zero. At this stage of life or any stage, if you are a hard working employee that doesn't call out at a sneeze they had 2 days ago, when life really does happen, then you make that decision or try getting your day covered. Sorry about the rant. Anyway that Wheaton is to Black and White as work many interview questions. I wonder if they are looking for answers outside the box?? Moins

Sorry about auto correct. Trying to edit. Ha do you have to edit at life touch when you are photographer? Perhaps it's an upgrade in a package! That's a wonderful upsell Moins

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