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GE HealthCare
On a demandé à un Performance Tester...6 août 2013

Single monitor used to find out if Load Generator is working fine.

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Click on Load Generators icon in controller and check the connections of Load Generators. Moins

DBS Bank

Do you have the access to infrastructure under test?

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Servers were being handled by infrastructure team and as a load test team, we did not have direct access to them but we were free to request data from them if needed. Moins


Scripting knowledge and questions on different protocalls

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Almost for all questions I answered

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE

1st round 1. Basic Correlation. goes all the way to Advanced. - very tough 2. Parameterization - very tough 3. Branching 4. Error Handling 5. Work Load Modeling - moderate 6. C!! - moderate 2nd Round 7. Scenario Based question with little Web Servers, App Servers, Middleware and Networks. 8. Architecture 9. Bottlenecks

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1. Practice all the probable scenarios for correlation before you go. like for example, Dynamic Boundaries, Varying length of Dynamic Boundaries, binary boundaries, SaveLen, SaveOffset, Regexp. 2. Know different combination of parameter types, parameter manipulation, and know EVERYTHING about File type parameter, 3. If you haven't done branching in previous projects, just Learn C branching with c conditional statements. 4. if you are reading this, You will already know error Handling. what you know is enough since they didn't ask much about Error Handling. 5. Know Scenario Creation, Different type of Scenarios, and various derivatives of little's law ( finding No. of Users with TPS, Pacing/Think time with only no. of users and TPS, etc) . 6. i never knew Printf(), scanf() could do so many things than just displaying whatever you write. So, yeah, Please read string manipulation, arrays and basic C. 7. know your Web-server, middleware, networks thoroughly, else, you will get struck in the middle with trick questions. one question was, how do you determine the max. concurrent users supported by a web-server. 8. your everyday 2/3 tier architecture which is implemented for your current project. as you need to explain it very briefly 9. Queues, Queues everywhere. why does queue gets created at middleware, how do you know queue is being formed, where is it getting formed, what are memory leaks, how do you identify it, what would you suggest when you find memory leaks, etc. Moins

Cognizant Technology Solutions

1. What is vuser init and wnd sections used for in the vugen. 2. unix command. 3.How to connect servers for server monitoring.

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Not able to answer very well as i had only one day prior to interview to prepare. Moins

DBS Bank

Can you please explain the whole processes of performing load testing?

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From gathering customer requirements, to preparing load test plan, to execute load test and finally, present report to customers. Moins

DBS Bank

What are the challenges you faced when performing load testing?

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Record and playback tool (e.g. Vugen) is not capturing anything.

Tech Mahindra

What is performance testing

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Performance testing


What are the different testing cycles that I am familiar with


JMETER - What is work bench and test plan

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