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Global Resources Ltd
On a demandé à un PC Technician...11 avril 2012

Are you interested in this position?

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RWJBarnabas Health

Patient needs to use the bathroom but vitals are due what do you do first?

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Help the patient use the bathroom

It's a patients right so all them to use the restroom before performing car to the patient Moins

Quakertown Community School District

Wy do you want this job?

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Because you pay!

A.D. Susman & Associates

Can you work at schools

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yes i can

Allegan County

Tell us a little about what Active Directory is?

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Active Directory stores information about network components. It, also, keeps track of all user accounts and passwords, allows one to set up/delete accounts, set/reset passwords, etc. Moins

Nicopure Labs

2. tell me about a time where you have to troubleshoot an IT issue - typical, just explain your steps and methods, there is no right answer

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basic stuff guys, if you can't answer these types of questions you're in trouble. Moins

GENCO Distribution System

Can you work on your feet from 8-12 hours a day ?

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Yes, I can

Diversified Recycling

in a scale of 1 to 10 how well do you know the electronics recycling business

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I would say 9 as you can't state that you know everything there is to know!

Bell Techlogix

How long have you been providing Help Desk Support for PC & Apple Devices

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I provided a time frame of my experience providing Help Desk Support for PC & Apple Devices Moins

Red Gold

Tell me a time when you had to solve a difficult task and how you were able to complete it.

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I used a story from one of my previous employers to illustrate how my experience would apply to the organization. Moins

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