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Samsung Electronics
On a demandé à Facade Package Manager...9 mai 2016

My experience and my personal

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I was very honest

Can Supply Skill Worker From Bangladesh .


Risk taking ability

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Experience in Calculative risk

adm group

nothing specific just about my background

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I answered all of their questions and they seemed satisfied with my responses

Australia Post

If I have any back injuries

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That I was fit to work


will you come to Saudi Arabia?

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There were many questions asked. It was panel of 4 members.

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I answered best to my knowledge and with full honesty.


Pourquoi avoir postulé chez Lidl

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Leader dans le domaine du Discount et grand groupe, entreprise en pleine croissance, jeune et dynamique Moins

The Wonderful Company

Available times?

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Obviously the answer did not matter to the recruiter


How do you handle conflict and working with difficult people?

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I like to work in teams and pride myself in my ability to find a solution to difficult situations. Moins

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