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Astrix Technology Group
On a demandé à Packaging Engineer...13 juin 2019

"Is it possible for you to change your linked in picture with the one from your pdf resume. It looks more mature."

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Avoided this question. Who asks these kinds of things!? Very unprofessional.

American Sugar Refining

What is your experience in Packaging Engineering?

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None, I just graduated and this was an entry level position.


Are you comfortable working in a manufacturing environment? (1st interview)

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Lamb Weston

Found something in my previous work & asked how you solved the problem. Simple questions.

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Yes i have solve this work very carefully


experience from recent employer. experience with machines team building school background

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very clear

Intel Corporation

behavior questions

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first interview experience. listening and speaking were good, but the answers probably not as good Moins

Intel Corporation

So pro tip. I brought a print out of my presentation with me during my interview. I could get most of the one on one's to focus on my resume/ presentation. Bring the interview questions into an area of science/engineering that I have been working on the past 4 years. My interview experience was 80% technical questions from my resume and presentation because I did my best to shift it that way.

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I could tell most of the interviewers didn't look at my resume until the walk over to the conference room to interview me. I did my best to take control of the interview and turn it into a discussion with the help of my presentation print out and resume. Several interviewers as they walked in said sorry I cannot make it to your presentation because of "whatever reason." I said no problem, I have a print out. Want me to go over the 3 main findings of my research on microprocessor packaging protection. Bam! Our 30 mins was talking about my ph.d. research :D. Moins


How many golf balls are in the air right now

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Think critical. Start predicting number if golf courses in the world and number of people currently playing golf. Never say I don't know. Always think of something Moins


Why I got this decision?

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Strategy of marketing.


Have you worked with a team/team concept.

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What Packaging software have you used?

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