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Marriott International
On a demandé à un Outlet Supervisor...9 septembre 2016

give an exampld of how tou handled a difficult situation

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I"ll handle situation very innocently and calmly and patiencely because if we handle situation in angriness and fastly some more problems occur Moins

Difficult situations will always be present in the work environment both with guests and staff. It will not always be a win win for both parties but the best solution is important. For guests , its important to hear both sides of the incident before trying to find a solution. Satisfying the guest is important to keep a guest than to find a new one. Make a decision that will atleast motivate the guest to want to come back or to sell the company to someone. The rules and regulations still important . Staffs are very important for the functioning of the company. Rules and policies are there to guide and so a solution should not jeopardize the company. Moins

to answer this question, it is necessary to determine the time limit for decision , the quick decision is different from the decisions of the longer time.In the case of the quick decision of the critical situations, the first step is to inform the administration and obtain a mandate to take an appropriate decision.If the problem concerns the customer i will excert solicitude to satisfy the customer the best service - - - 2 - If the problem related to administrative action will be decisions to abide by the decisions and rules In case there is sufficient time to the decision and obtained the authorization from top management to do so, it means that the problem is related to administrative work and will be the procedures 1 - abide by the rules and laws 2 - the several alternatives to solutions 3 - the development of a plan to implement each solution 4 - choice the solution must contain this important point (- A - The fastest - B The least cost - the appropriate resources available 4 - Decent level of quality 5 - does not conflict with the plan and the approach of the higher management) thats my way in critical situations Moins

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Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision without all the information you needed to make the decision. What was the decision and what was the outcome.

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I was asked how much lean and safety experience I had.

I would have to rely on personal experience and how to prepare for the unexpected. It is difficult to make a decision without all the information needed but history of how similar situations have played out will ensure a reasonable outcome. Moins

I felt I wasted my time even interviewing with GE. I glad I took a different job at another company. Moins

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In trouble shooting if you are not finding the fault what you will do?

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ask to my senior on duty

I will ask my duty commander

I will check with relax mind. I hope i will fix it.

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Costco Wholesale

What are the 5 rights of merchandising?

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The five rights include providing the right merchandise, at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities, and at the right price. Now repeat this out loud many times. Moins

The right item at the right place at the right time in the right quantity in the right condition at the right price Moins

Right product, at the right time/season, right price, right amounts of product needed and right display area IE: perhaps I level, right area in the store, right level for the customer too be able to reach the item and have items stacked on shelf correctly so all items can be seen Moins

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Children's Specialized Hospital

salary question because they are none profit

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he is right don't do it !!!!

Once you go to know every thing he feels threatened,he is a poor manager I was there foe one year and a half and quit,he also is very personal with staff and hire family members and have sex with the staff. Moins

This job is always open every 6 months,it's for a reason stay away the housekeeping manager is very nasty,and has his favorites and family working there ,don't work at this place..... Moins

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Hotel Cleaning Services

did you work in housekeeper before?

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ABM Industries

"Are you afraid of heights?"

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What were my job duties?

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Dependable responsible and hard working candidate and friendly and kind

Activity, responsible, carefully, properly, friendly and honestly.

Activity, properly, responsible, friendly and honestly.

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Central Transport

I can only offer 50K for a salary. Is this acceptable?

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A customer needs help ordering, but there's coffee out and your coworker is backed up in deli; how would you handle this situation if it all happens at once and no one is around to help but you?

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let customer know you'll help immediately after changing the coffee, do so, then give your coworker a hand with deli orders Moins

Help the customer then make coffee

First I would assist customer needs with ordering and if no customer need help then fix coffee machine. Moins

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