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Cases all focused on 1 of the 3 sides of the business, so try to brainstorm all the different problems that Dashers, Customers and Merchants face.

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the most important is customer centered satisfaction , Means our client is the most important thing , flexibility to do the job in organized quickly manner ,

The customer is most important

the clients is very important no costormer no business u have to be flexible be on time

Did not really have any hard questions. (Interviewer no longer with the company)

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How many trips per hour? (Unclear...make sure you ask what they're looking for... an actual number from your research, or to walk them through the steps from driver perspective or eater/rider perspective, or to demonstrate you understand completed trips versus cancelled versus requestes, etc)

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THis is a very culturally diverse comany- can you work well with other races.

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What in your experience had prepared you for this role. (This is the only question that does not require you to tell a story about "a time when..." And this question is always asked first.

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How did you prepare

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If a patient is in desperate need of a medication are you willing to circumvent the usual guidelines in order to get them medication?

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What was your biggest challenge as a manager

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