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How do you think you did? (Referring to the lesson you just presented)

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They will call you out if you are overly critical of yourself. Make sure to point out your strengths as well as weaknesses.

"A high standard for their staff"....that's a joke. The two native English people who did my mock interviews were lacking in their own education. One did have a bachelor's degree, but no previous teaching experience or training. The second had her associates, no prior teaching experience either, and constantly said "ax" rather than pronouncing the word properly as "ask."

Interview 1 Operate demo classroom after training. Interview 2 How would you present differently to age 5 comparing to age 12? Describe how you like to be a teacher.

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How many years of teaching experience I had and with what age groups.

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Education background

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What experience I have

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What’s your teaching experience ?

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They asked me if I liked teaching children.

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Do you have experience teaching students online?

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why did you want to teach?

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