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On a demandé à un Nurse Practitioner...31 août 2019

They wanted to know about an evaluation you received that you didn’t agree with and what did you do

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That is weird, maybe it was a test to see how you responded under pressure

I'm not sure who you are but my interview with the CIA was very disappointing and upsetting. I felt the interviewer was very biased toward me because everything related back to me being in the military and things that she didn't necessarily like about the military. There were comments made about military individuals having the wrong perception of the job with the CIA. She went on to verify that I knew the job was entry level. I knew when I left the interview I was not going to get hired. The lady made me feel horrible because of my background which is very strong especially my experience and my potential...I thought maybe there was some intimidation..I informed her I knew what I applied for...maybe she thought I was going to try to take her job.. It was interesting...I'm not sure military veterans have a chance Moins

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UnitedHealth Group

Did I enjoy visiting people's home, and was it a comfortable experience for me. Asked about different experiences I had encountered as a nurse practitioner in the home and how I dealt with them.

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Yes, I am still working at UnitedHealth Group as a NP in the HouseCalls program. I still enjoy it after 3+ years. Moins

Yes, I did enjoy this type of work. Described difficult as well as pleasant encounters and how I managed both types of interactions. Moins

Are you still working at uhc, and this for house call np right?

Minute Clinic

Describe how you handled a difficult patient who demanded antibiotics unnecessarily

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Explain to them rationale why it’s not recommended, and the importance of following evidence based guidelines. Moins

Explained the difference between viral and bacterial. Recommend symptomatic treatment with follow up for reevaluation for antibiotics Moins

AdventHealth Shawnee Mission

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

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I would like to be considered an expert in my field with excellent patient outcomes and a reputation of providing empathetic and thorough healthcare to all. Moins

Possibly family practice

American Family Care

Do you have experience with Telemedicine visits?

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MedExpress Urgent Care

•Give an example of a time you had to make a difficult decision

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I was working on a team project, and my colleagues and I had to make a number of choices about how to use our limited budget. Because these decisions involved group conversations, our team learned how to communicate effectively with one another, and I believe we ultimately made the best decisions for the team. Moins

I tried to scroll down to see the answer and accidentally downvoted the answer. Apologies! Moins

Lemonaid Health

In order for you to work here you cannot work anywhere else. Would you sign a non-compete?

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Absolutely not

This company is always hiring .Now I know why good luck finding any provider willing to sign that type of non compete and be 1099 Moins

Ideal Image

Easy - Do you want to work in this field, do you want to learn injections

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Yes and Yes

I would love to go back into Aesthetics. I started out in clinical dermatology and was sent for training for the injectables, trained to do dermabrasion, Jessner's and ASA peels, sclero therapy, the whole experience. Then My original boss cut to 20 hours a week as a semi-retirement. After some time, he sold to the other dermatologist I worked for. I have been trying to get back into skin care/derm care since moving to CT 5 years ago. Moins

Total Men's Primary Care

Tell us about your favorite hobby?

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A video was requested. I did a video in my garden.

In trying to change the approach in healthcare, yes, we do things very different vs other healthcare systems. We are truly looking for Providers who have a work/life balance and want to know more about a person. We ask people what their hobby's are, we ask people to do a short video, we ask Providers about what makes them different. We do all these things to learn more about the person but also to see who is serious vs just clicking a button online to see about a job. We invest a lot of time and energy and ask for a little of the same too. Total Primary Care - Shannon Moins

Indiana University Health

Tell us one time you lied or committed something illegal at the workplace. Then, what you did, or did not do to make it better.

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I have not. I don't do anything to jepordize my position or integrity. I have always known if you tell one lie, you must tell another to cover up the first. I will always protect my patient and my license . Moins

Wow! They are making the assumption that you are a thief by asking, "tell us about when you lied or did something illegal at work." To answer that question any other way than you did, would cost you the job. Moins

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