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My Broadcasting Corporation
On a demandé à un News Anchor...19 novembre 2019

What do I know about the local community?

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Follow the Peterborough Petes, always on top of local news

The E.W. Scripps Company

What draws you to Baltimore?

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It's a place with a very distinct and special identity. I'd like to be a part of telling some of the stories that make the culture of Baltimore stand out in a positive way. Moins


What was I looking for?

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A place to learn and to be mentored.

Why do you want to come to Baltimore?

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Baltimore has a very distinct and special identity. It has a culture that I feel that I can highlight in a positive way. Moins


If you have seen the movie 'aarakshan' then give a detailed write up on what the movie was all about.

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For a person who is not familiar with hindi movies this question would be next to impossible to answer. Moins


Asked for immediate On-Air test with current female Anchor


what are your strengths and weaknesses

It was a breeze. Again, we have a different ND now. It was seven years ago.

What I could bring to the team. How I would describe myself.

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