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On a demandé à Product Designer New Grad...27 octobre 2016

Describe one of your projects, your ideal job, why Facebook, which area you are most interested in

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For Facebook it seems like it would be good to know which area/department you are most interested in. For design positions the recruiter will ask you questions about it to determine which department you would fit in the best. Overall the recruiter was very friendly and rest of the questions were very general, nothing too technical. Moins

Cisco Systems

Talking about previous design work

Cisco Systems

Show me your favorite project.

National Instruments

Explain the projects I did in the past and a few simple technical questions

Quora, Inc.

App critique on a product you’re familiar with.


Asked questions about my research, ideation process


The interviewer asked me whether I had tried to explore animation patterns.


Design Challenge - spec work!


Design a remote control for a toy car on your phone


What is one thing you would change about the Spotify mobile application?

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