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Gold Buyers at the Mall
On a demandé à un Multi Unit Manager...26 janvier 2011

Tell me about your background?

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Be sure to explain that you are very good at managing lots of people and that you only want performers. Moins

Brake Check

What can you bring to the company that no else can?

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My Answer: All though I don't have any automotive experience, I can bring my self-motivation and determination and because I am self-motivated and determined it makes me eager to learn and excel at anything. I do my best to be a credit and asset to and for the company. I have no doubt that the majority of the individual you interview will the skill set and or education to do a good job for you, but the one thing that most of them will lack is the drive to be the best. I am both motivated and determined to be the best. Moins


There was not any questions that were un expected, just asked how my experience with management was in the past.

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I was honest about management not treating employees like they are smart enough to do their job, something i vowed enevr to do after being treated that way. Moins

OTG Management

What is leadership to you?

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Simply put, I stated that leadership is influence and then I began telling him how I used my leadership to get the job done. Moins

Hair Cuttery

What are your long term goals.

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I wanted to grow within the organization

Skechers U.S.A.

How do you control turnover in your store?

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Invest in your people.

Ace Cash Express

Lots of "what would you do if" scenario questions

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I used personal past work experiences to answer


There were typical interview questions

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Tesh asked me lots if questions and answered lots of my questions


Why did you leave you last company?

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Lay off

Real Fruit Bubble Tea

Tell me about a time you had to handle a customers complaint

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Describe the situation, What action did i take in the situation and what was the outcome. Moins

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