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Tropic Biosciences UK
On a demandé à un Research Scientist, Molecular Biology...22 avril 2022

Many questions were asked of my Molecular Biology skill set

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I answered with it in its entirety, listing how I met the requirements listed in the job advertisement and linking it relevant skills Moins


Name the phases to and the reagents required for a PCR reaction.

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Phases: 1) Denaturation 2) Amplification 3) Annealing. Reagents: DNA, forward and reverse direction primers, DNA Ligase, Taq Polymerase, buffers. Moins

Sapphire Energy

Several of the interview panels re-inforced the "minimum 60 hour workweek", and concommitant internal competetion.


How do you manage conflict with a coworker? Give an example.

Berkeley Lights

Q: How do you approach a supervisor if you feel overwhelmed?

Envirocare Labs

What is the difference between Real time PCR and Reverse transcription PCR?

Vividion Therapeutics

Why Do You Want to Work at This Company?

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