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On a demandé à un Mobile Forms Designer...2 avril 2022

Experience, skills, management style preference

Peapod Digital Labs

What is your design process? How do you decide when to do research? How do you determine your designs to be successful? How do you deal with conflicting design opinions? Where do you find inspiration?


didn't get to the second interview with hiring manager


There were a lot of questions around the value of user research and how I incorporate it in product design.

Electronic Arts

first round team members asked about interest in position and past experience with games. was told to walk through resume and had good conversations with gaming interests and various questions about game design.


Increase conversion on the Book landing page.

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Complete Design Solution with Interactive Prototype


No questions were asked, which should have been a clear indicator.


They did not ask me anything at all.


Do you follow any Role Model/Mentor in the UI/UX Field

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I don't. I Follow Dribbble occasionally, also UXChoice on instagram and some pinterest boards, but no one special... Moins


App critique, design process, etc.

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