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Samsung Electronics
On a demandé à un MIS Reporting Manager...3 décembre 2015

You were an entrepreneur so why do you want to take up the job and how do you plan to manage in the new setting?

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I became an entrepreneur because I wanted to change my profile from business development to research which companies would not consider when I applied directly so I chose to work as freelancer but the opportunity that you have exactly the profile I was keen on so after already changing my field of work, I am looking forward to work on this job. Regarding my ability to manage on job, I have already worked for almost 4 years into corporate so I am aware of expectations and working styles that I believe I can manage efficiently. Moins

ACT Fibernet

Pareto, Excel Get pivot functions, How do you develop a dashboard for the ACT Hyd business with total performance and specific to certain critical parameters and critical areas

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it fave good idea

One Workplace

hardest thing I ever did

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reversing a major decision in my life

Apothecary Products

Can you get our IT systems up and running?

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Raymond Limited

are you good at MIS

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Yes , i am very good at this profile, relevant for my career

Samsung Electronics

You stay at a very long distance, how do you plan to come on time?

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I will take early trains to reach here and once I get a job, I plan to shift to nearby location to save time Moins

Samsung Electronics

Your current profile profile is different from what you have applied for, why do you want to change?

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I told them that the work involved things that were not main but some part of my work and it is one thing I am very passionate about which is why I look forward to work on it and I believe in my potential as an MIS person as I am very good at excel, have trained people on it and have also managed some part of MIS data in past Moins

Bombay Dyeing

Basic-questions like role in past-organisation/s. Both Functional-appraiser & latter HOD themselves said during interview that the person prior to me left within months without even me asking. Surprisingly, the HOD (1-to-1 conversation) himself warned before joining the co. that most people do regret joining here, which now i completely agree to & regret for not conforming his advice.

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There was not much to answer other than describing my past-organisation's role. As i was not left with much choice (was unemployed), i nodded everything in agreement. Moins

Lals Group

They asked me about my existing role and job profile.

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I explained them about my job profile, how it was done, how I can be beneficial to Lals group. Moins

MCB Bank

reason to leave your previous job, why haven't you growth there if you are a good resource;

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be confident and response smartly.

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