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On a demandé à un Search and Data Mining Engineer...6 juin 2016

List the strings that are anagrams from a set of strings?

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Sorting the strings is not optimal because each sort is O(N log N) where N is the number of characters in each word. A more optimal solution is to create a function to encode each word as a hash table of character frequencies, which is O(N) for each word. Moins

sort the strings and compare


How would you design a recommendation system (like amazon)?

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Use collaborate filtering to compare personal preference with others. If A and B are similar, we can recommend preferred items in B to A. Moins

Why downvote on other answer? He/she is right. Collaborative filtering is the most common strategy for recommendation systems. You see user A buys these things and user B also bought those things but user B bought this other thing too so let's show that thing to User A. Moins


Implement a sampling function with nominal distribution.

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I think you mean Normal distribution! If you are using R use set.seed(). You can then use rnorm() with size, mean & SD. e.g. >set.seed(123) >rnorm(100, 2, 5) Moins

I'm the original poster, sorry for my typo. I actually mean multinomial distribution. And the advanced question was, if the probability is a skewed distribution, how would you speed up your algorithm. You can find both answer from Wikipedia. :) Moins

Tell me about your past experience in engineering.

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Provided examples from my education and work.

Bharat Aluminium

What's ur favorite subject

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Mine Development.

Rio Tinto

What I wanted, what I expected, some technical questions on drills and explosives

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Used my background and current situation with my Fiance to answer. They were very happy with the interview. Moins


What would you like to ask us?

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What is your safety record?


Only one easy/medium leetcode question during the coding module.

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I got the optimal solution (with a couple nudges but time to spare), yet apparently this was the only module where I did not "meet expectations." Shame that some presumably small mistake in my first hour was enough to discount the otherwise very strong 6 hour interview. Moins

Agnico Eagle

Où te vois-tu dans 5 ans

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Comme une personne stable financièrement avec un plan familial en processus


The typical S-T-A-R questions, sometimes reformatted - describe Situation or Task for "X", could be difficult person,etc, what was the Action you took, and the corresponding Result. Once this progression is understood and planned for, interviews are less stressful.

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All of them I prepare ahead, anticipating examples for various job characteristic experiences I had in the past Moins

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