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On a demandé à Metallurgical Engineer...19 mars 2022

1. Tell me more about yourself? 2. What's your strength and Weaknesses? 3. Why do you choose Asarco?

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I worked 30 years for Raytheon Missile System as a product Specialist and prototype Specialist, the pasted 7 year's I'm working on our family ranch as a manager, operating, organizing , adding value to the place, doing landscaping I like working indoor and outdoors and like getting the work done. Moins

2. My strengths, have good work ethics, Integrity and honesty is very important to me, work independently and as a team, highly motivated individual with a commitment to the safely and well-being of others. My weakness, Tendency to put too much pressure on myself, need to say no more often 3. Why do you choose Arsarco ? I wanted to do something different , after working 30 years for Raytheon and working 7 years as Ranch Manager, I always wanted to come back and work for asarco since they gave me my first job after graduating from Ray High School . Moins


Do you have any kids?

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I'm pretty sure this question is illegal to ask in a job interview. As far as I'm aware questions about age, marital and family status are off limits. Moins

They can and do ask anything they da#n well please at the restaurant the night before the official interview. All is fair in love and war, and this is not love. They still eat dirt either way. Moins

Nova Steel

What are you looking for in the long term.

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Acquiring experience, both technical and business, and growth possibility to reach upper management. Moins

Fisk Alloy

Describe two projects in brief on your resume.

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Briefed about two of my projects mentioning my contribution and achievements

Anglo American

In a scenario, how did you manage time and were you happy with how you managed time

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Answered it from experience

Simpson Strong-Tie

What is the company focus?

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I recited what was on the "our company" section of the website. This was the correct response. If you read the website you will be fine. Moins


Tell me a situation where your "customer" was not satisfied, and how did you go about it?

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customer is set loosely so they said I could use a situation where I was trying to receive positive remarks from people through my tasks Moins


Tell me a time where people were reluctant to follow your idea

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answer in STAR format (situation, task, action, result)


When starting a big project, how do you prepare and organize yourself?

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Gantt Chart. That was the answer I gave, and the interviewer lit up at the mention of it; it is a strong buzz word. Moins

Applied Materials

Mostly for the position available, they required someone who is acquainted with some coding/MATLAB as well as has worked on preparation/characetrization of thin films. They asked whether I was familiar with MATLAB-C++, checked my background (schooling and college). Some bit of technical question related to semi-conducting properties and mostly why was I focussing to get into core companies rather joining somewhere else.

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They seem to be interested in offering only to 1-2 candidates, preferably M.Techs coming though GATE, and they actually found in the end someone who has worked on thin films (he also had 2 years of work ex prior to joining IIT though not in the related field). Moins

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