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On a demandé à un Menswear Designer...8 octobre 2020

Aucune, juste il m'a demandé d'essayer les vêtements

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en essaynant les vêtements

Dunnes Stores

Tell me about Dunnes

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I started by saying what I knew of the company itself, they wanted me to discuss my thoughts on product and overall design opinion of company Moins

Boohoo Group

What type of food would you bring to the office party?

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Biscoff fudge


Questioning my intent in moving back into working in a full time design role after a fews years working for myself (also in design) Just came across as again ignorant and very un respectful to what i had achieved for myself and a kind of 'well, why now?' attitude.


Talk about a stressful situation you’ve been in and how did you deal with it?


1. What are your favourite designers? 2. Who is relevant right now? 3. Can you pattern cut? 4. Can you sew? 5. Do you know (certain mill agent)? 6. Do you get on with suppliers? 7. How do you manage buyers? 8. Do you like buyers?

WE Fashion

Why you chose to be a menswear designer are you a team person or prefer to work alone

Burton Menswear

Why do you want to be part of Burton?


How do you find inspiration for your designs?

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