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Associated Regional and University Pathologists
On a demandé à un Medical Laboratory Scientist...6 février 2018

Have you ever had a difficult coworker.

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Yes, I had a difficult supervisor who liked to micromanage what I was doing. I made sure to listen to her suggestions and try doing things her way. If it made my job more difficult, I would tell her in a nice way so she would not become upset. For instance, I would say, “That is a great idea, have you ever thought about ...” Moins

Tilak Healthcare

Comment j'envisage mon travail

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J'ai expliqué ce que j'avais envie de faire.

Riverside Health System

Describe a time when you implemented a change to a process relating to the laboratory. What was the suggested change and what was the outcome.

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Described a time when a procedure needed an improvement for a designated section of the laboratory that was necessary for the overall outcome of quality of patient care and quality laboratory work. Moins

AdventHealth Corporate

What kind of pay were you expecting

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At the time I was moving from a 16 an hour position so I asked for 17 but got 18

Massachusetts General Hospital

10 peripheral blood smear differentials

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ACL Laboratories

Why do you want to go into this discipline?

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I replied that I like a challenge and like hands on work.

Associated Regional and University Pathologists

What are your career goals?

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I want to work for a few years in the same lab and get cross trained in different areas. Once I am confident, I want to become a technical specialist. I plan on staying with the company for a long time Moins

Dorevitch Pathology

How do you see yourself suitable for the position compared to other candidates?

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being knowledgeable and not afraid to ask for help when needed, ability to think on my feet and work autonomously and in a team Moins

Mayo Clinic

Describe the situation you was miss communicated with employee or employer?

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I was working as a security officer when my relief told me to go to Lot 4 post for rotation. I felt this was odd because i was informed previously that I would go to the West lobby post. I proceeded towards the rotation even though I felt my relief communicated wrong info. Then after I went there, I found that my co-worker was wrong. I should have confirmed that with my supervisor before wasting time reporting to wrong location. Moins

Sonora Quest Laboratories

Could you come up with five phrases/words to describe your definition of team-work; please explain each of them

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Communication, Positive Attitude, Quality, Helpfulness, we're as strong as our weakest link Moins

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