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Mid America Clinical Laboratories
On a demandé à Medical Logistics Courier...27 juillet 2012

Thety asked me if I had ever used barcoding equipment, as it is part of daily processing of patient specimans.

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I said I was part of the initial training when the Air Force starting using it, back in the 1990's. Moins

Stat Experts

Do I have a reliable car? Do I maintain my cars for reliability? What does my driving record look like? How many points do I have on my license?

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Yes, I have a reliable car and access to more vehicles if needed. I like driving and my father could help me acquire another car or cars to keep me moving. Moins

Intermountain Healthcare

Where do you see yourself in five years

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I said I was looking for a long term career

Expressit Delivery

There were no difficult questions asked. I had to push for them to tell me more about the job, the company, etc.

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They were surprised when I asked them what the job duties were because they didn't volunteer this information! Moins


What kind of car do you drive? Are you willing and able to work nights and be on call?

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Small Station Wagon, Newer Model Year and Fuel Efficient


With your background, why are you interested in this position?

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I'm looking for new employment in a different felid and part of my previous employment was some extensive driving from site to site and was considered a very enjoyable part of the work. Moins

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