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Planned Parenthood
On a demandé à un Medical Assistant...19 août 2015

do you have children?

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No, I do not


Under EEOC guidelines, this is not a legal question.

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Greenwich Hospital

Experience with patients and customer service skills

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Excellent customer service

I had many years of experience

I am a young bilingual certified medical assistant ready to find a job match in my area i am full of motivation quick adapter full of respect and car Moins

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Low T Center

Can you draw blood and give shots?

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Yes. Any types of blood draws or injections


I previously worked in a Family Practice Clinic that provided many services, including HRT, and have given many testosterone injections and other injectable. I also was 1 of the 2 MAs that was assigned to therapeutic phlebotomy when Hgb/Hct was high. I also assisted and preformed sclerotherapy under supervision. Moins

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If your manager is not present, what decision would you be comfortable making?

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I stated that depending on the situation, I would be ok with making a decision that would benefit the patient whether it is a question about their visit or administering oxygen. I would however consult with a lead doctor or nurse in an emergent situation. Moins



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Johns Hopkins Health System

Do you have children

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None of your business

Not yet why?

None of your business.

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HealthTexas Provider Network

Why are you leaving your current job.

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The environment is toxic and you can't give good patient care under those conditions. Moins

I love my previous job the staff and have learnt a lot but it is time to move on to new career. Moins

Office staff have to much has to much drama !

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St. Elizabeth Physicians

Describe your experience.

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At the time I had just graduated college.

I have 8 years as a Medical Asst. I have worked in a Family Medicine Center, an urgent care and am currently employed by Cincinnati Children’s. I know EPIC, I’m familiar with All scripts. My experience: History intake,vitals,ekg, venipuncture. Answer phones,schedule appts. I’m currently a Clinic coordinator . Moins

Just got my degree 11/2018 and I’ve done home health and worked at an urgent care Moins

Wellstar Health System

Why did you decide to choose to apply to Wellstar?

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I love what Wellstar stands for. I prefer working for an organization that gives back to the community and is non-for profit. Moins

I appreciate what you do for the community. I live in Douglasvile and is eager to work in this community close to home avoiding the heavy traffic n Atlanta. Moins

I am impressed by the numbers of employees and the number of sites you have. I have worked at hospitals in the past that was not as stable. Two of these facilities closed. The benefits are also very important to me. Moins

City of Hope

What is one of your weakness at work?

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Seting my own goal with high expectations and not reaching the goal before the end of the day on a busy day. Moins

One of my weaknesses is also my speed. Sometimes I get too far ahead of myself and my team that I end up with nothing to do. I constantly need something to do and I enjoy exploring and learning so in another way it is a benefit. Moins

My weakness at work is my speed. I'm very accurate in the work I do, but I take my time. These days, many people prefer fast workers over efficiency and accuracy. So, because of that, it's a weakness. Moins

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