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RMD Advertising
On a demandé à un Media Relations Specialist...26 février 2015

Nothing specific I remember, but a fair amount of time was spent on making sure I'd be comfortable there (which may have been a red flag), and personality quizzes/assessments.

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Almost exact "process", hoops, and waiting I went through when interviewing for an administrative job. I, too, felt like I had dodged a bullet. Moins

If you didn't take the job, be thankful. You felt that way for a reason. You did dodge a bullet and hopefully others who interview will follow their instincts as they go through their "process" to pick out people who are a fit for their cult-like organization. Moins

Basics about yourself and your education

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Explained everything about education and my interests. Also told about self pros and cons. Moins

Summit Media (Philippines)

How would you deal with irate media?

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Usually cater to their needs but if they become to demanding, always look for your MR Manager. Moins


General questions about your experience and why you want to work at BLAZE.

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Answered honestly about why I love PR and how I wanted to experience PR in LA

Fitz & Co

Tell me about your background?

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Talk about how skills/experience relate to the job description?

Texas Military Department

What was your last job?

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In construction. But decided to re enter military jobs.


What do you value in a leader?

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Enthusiasm, ability to admit when wrong and fix the problem, ability to listen without bias Moins

Mercy Corps

How do you consume news?

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I answered this question honestly, on my phone through social media and television. Moins

Reem Acra Bridals

Tell us about yourself

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Talked about my background

Brownstein Group

What activities are you involved in at your college/university?

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PRSSA, student public relations firm, advertising club

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