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Reem Acra Bridals
On a demandé à un Social Media/PR Manager...11 septembre 2017

Tell us about yourself

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Talked about my background


Un momento en el que hayas tenido que hacer uso de datos para lograr un cambio, qué cambio fue, qué datos usaste, cómo les convenciste y cuál fue el resultado?

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Con un ejemplo real que había preparado pero para el que era difícil, sin inventárselo, tener tantas respuestas. Moins

Would you clash with Robin (Robin Design Employee Question)

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I said, no.. I felt this was a very weird question, considering I just met Robin within the last 10 minutes and it was an interview. The first thing that came to my mind was, "have they had people in this office who clash with Robin?" or "is he digging for problems in my candidacy" The question was a major red flag for me, in terms of an employee's personality and the possibilities of employees who've unsuccessfully work with Robin in the past. However, I liked Robin a lot and felt we were very similar in personality. I do encourage this place, if you're the right personality fit! Moins


I can't remember specific questions as it was so long ago, but as it is a small team, the questions were more focused on my ways of working and my experiences of teamwork. The second stage involved a presentation only about me and practical questions about commuting etc.

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I talked about my experience in the current role I had at the time as well as other relevant roles. Moins


What types of tech media outlets, podcasts and blogs I follow.

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LIsted the outlets that I regularly subscribe to.

Northrop Grumman

The typical "Where do you see yourself in five years?"

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"I hope to be enjoying my work while also learning new skills; contributing to better communications, and paving a path for myself to have a long career here." Moins

Maison 21G

How do you think you can create better engagement online for Maison Can you bring some ideas from abroad with good practice we can explore together

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I share my experience and what i have seen on maison 21G. It was a constructive exchange full of energy. Moins

Weber Shandwick

tell me about yourself

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Why should we hire you over others?

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I think when you get to the third interview, everyone in the applicant pool is good. And each applicant has a different background. I think it's more about what background the company is looking, rather than how I can further sell you on me. Moins

Fox Rehabilitation

How can we get more Facebook likes?

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'Likes' should no longer be looked at or measured as a key performance indicator (KPI). Likebots and spam accounts can increase brand page 'likes' but what is most important is your fan engagement. What is the use of 1 million page fans if only 300 of them are engaging with your content? Facebook removed inactive accounts & spam accounts a few years back and overnight brands lost hundreds and thousands of 'fans', but worse - the money they had spent to acquire them. Moins

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