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What will happen to the boiling point of a liquid under vacuum? Will it rise or decrease?

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it will rise because the vapour pressure becomes zero

it should decrease because of very little pressure. Water should boil more easily up in the mountains due to altitude.

It should decrease, because according to the PVT relationship (e.g. PV=nRT), if pressure decreased, the boiling temperature should also be decreased.

All of your colleagues have completed their work for the day but you are aware that you have internal customer meetings that you will not be able to complete by the end of the day. What do you do?

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Why should we hire you

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Why are you planning to leave your current employer?

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3 strengths and an area for improvement

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Video: What are your work experiences? What did you accomplish?

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what is OEE

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Why should I hire you?

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Do you have any pet peeves?

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Located the bearings and what type are they show the flow path what type of materials would we use here how do you start an engine

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