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On a demandé à un Marine Electrician...21 septembre 2015

Am I able to come to work daily and be a productive employee?

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Yes, I can work and be on time daily and be productive

What about the test?


They asked if I would be able to travel frequently.

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Yes. I can travel wherever they needed me to go.


Are you looking for permanent work or temporary work?

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Temporary work.

Motor electric Starter panel troubleshooting Air conditioning

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Motor have winding star and delta and scatch for them using a diagram. I also scetch them motor control schematic star delta and direct on line. Panel troubleshoot using multimeter Using voltage AC or DC and buzzer test on multimeter. I also told them how to use multimeter correctly Air conditiong troubleshooting with clamp meter and check amp and pressure with presure gauge I told them how to check the leakage Moins


About my duties and responsibilities.

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That's important to complete the process.


What is your experience working on Cat 5 Cable?

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Some, when it is necessary to install data up to 10 gigabytes

Newport News Shipbuilding

Why do you want to work here

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Job stability

Heerema Marine Contractors

- Enkele technische vragen - Waarom HMC - Houding tegenover rotatieschema

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General Dynamics

Why don't you put power cables with data cables?

Delphinus Engineering

How much experience do you have on Naval Ships?

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