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On a demandé à un Managing Director...16 mars 2023

They requested I provide a proposal for running the group that the position was meant to lead.


General questions around experience. Preference on remote work vs on sits. Would you accept this package?

PNC Financial Services Group

Can you tell me more about your relationship with local investors or fund managers?


What's your management style? Tell me about a time you dealt with a difficult employee? Tell me about a time when you worked with external stakeholders? If you were offered the job what is the first thing you would change/what is the first strategy you’d put in place?

Smith & Nephew

how can u grow our business

Charles River Development

How do you handle conflicts between Product Management and Engineering?

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Each has their roles. The Product Manager researches the business needs, prioritizes what needs to be built, and the requirements necessary, including timing; and engineering decides how to build it. Moins


How do you handle situations while under pressure?


How would you spearhead the GTM?

Contributions to specific deals in the past

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Walked through resume and discussed each as appropriate

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