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On a demandé à un Contract Project Manager...16 juin 2022

Do you have experience managing chaotic teams?


Describe a difficult time at work.

Crystal Equation

Tell me about yourself and what you’re looking for.

Trane Technologies

They asked what skills i brought to the job.


How do you respond when a project is not meeting deadlines and the person the project is for is not being responsive?

Overall, very generic PM questions being asked over and over and over by multiple people.

Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust

The interview was sort of competency-based and going over previous work experience / previous contracts

Hibbett Sports

This was a position for a PM of a network upgrade. I was surprised at their lack of understanding concerning this position's role in the network upgrade. They did say they were new to the position, but they could not answer basic questions about the project. The hours were from 4 am - 2 pm seven days a week. I asked if the hours were due to the installations being done after hours. They didn't know if that was the reason, but they went on to say it was because there were installations on the west coast, but that was the extent of what they knew about the work schedule. When we discussed the length of the contract, I asked how they determined the project's end date. Unfortunately, they could not tell me how many of their 1000+ stores were upgraded per week and how many remained to be converted. While these are only 2 examples, they should have been able to answer several other questions. I felt like they needed someone to blame if the project fell apart.

Rue Gilt Groupe

Biggest mistake you made and how you rectified it


Can you travel extensively throughout the US?

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