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DXC Technology
On a demandé à un Manager, Commercial Contract Management...16 septembre 2020

Where are you from

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OK what kind of interview question is that. Love how interviewers prefer candidates who do their research but it doesn't apply to them. I'm pretty sure it would say on the online application and I pretty sure they aren't exactly supposed to ask where are you from in a face to face interview well at least from what I know 😬 Moins


Can you travel extensively throughout the US?

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Can you meet with C-Levels, provide an example of a project update to a C-Level?

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Provided scenario from past and discussed at length.

John Muir Health

As a PM would you "own" the project?

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How do you manage stress

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Creative Circle

Are you ok with temp work that can end early or get extended ? AKA are you cool with whatever terms we decide as we go along ?

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I would give you two weeks notice I would like the same respect in return.

Hanley Wood Market Intelligence

They asked if I was interested in working on multiple accounts or just one

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I was open to both

Globalquest Staffing Solutions

No difficult questions. Can you do the job, what is your experience etc...

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Yes sir. Im a cook i can do anything in the kitchen


Having to perform the assessment test - it was very difficult and had to be completed within 2 hours.

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I finished more questions than most who had been interviewing and the results were accepted. Moins

Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Are you a local candidate

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