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Roche Bros. Supermarkets
On a demandé à un Maintenance Clerk...3 décembre 2020

What are your duty’s at the Cotuit fresh market

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I did general help Which was cleaning dishes and taking orders

Innovative Labs

If I got a long well with others and if I was a team player

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I told them yes


Tell us about yourself

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What strengths will you bring to us?


When could I start How long ago had I worked for my previous employer. What did I do for previous employer. Basically he needed someone to clean.

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Soon. I was currently unemployed and in dire need if work


What are your skills for this role.

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I am an expert in Microsoft office, I am very detailed oriented. I really wanted to stress that this position for their company will be my last. I am head strong and dedicated to a role that I am in and I know how to get the job done. An addition I know how to ask questions. Moins


Coming from an educated background and business related fields, why would you want to work in an industrial environment, and what can you bring to this type of field?

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This is all I know. I love the Industrial atmosphere. I know I can bring some good work ethics to this job Moins

Fry's Food

What is shrink?

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Lost dollars from things such as theft, items rung up wrong, damaged product, outdated product, unnecessary overtime, etc etc etc. Moins


None, the only one out of the ordinary was the "What is your favorite product in store?" that is used in the interaction.

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There were people going through their first interview that were clearly nervous and did not know what they were doing, and were still offered a position. Moins

Republic Services

Where do I see myself in 5-10 years.

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Gave them a snippet of my short and long term goals


is is number or letters rims or a different style

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