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Darwin TC Group
On a demandé à un Low Voltage Technician...15 octobre 2015

Can you work alone in this type of environment?

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Do you have related work experience?

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I described my previous skilled trade experience.

How much experience do you have?

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I briefly did some work over the summer that required some basic knowledge of Low Voltage work. Moins

Baxter-Kenworthy Electric

Work ethics and your core values.

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hard working good work eithics. No grumbling. Want to grow.

ION Electric

All the questions related to low voltage job, from scrach

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You have to be honest with all the knowledge that you have, that way they feel more comfortable Moins

EPS Security

What would I do if I won 20million dollars ?

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I would start a business of my choosing. Keep my mind and body working. Build for my kids future. Moins


Do you have reliable transportation?

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Area Energy & Electric

How did you learn about this position?

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Word of mouth.

Area Energy & Electric

what is your past experience

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I worked as a technician


What your goals are. With advancement in your career

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