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On a demandé à un Director of Sales Logistics...22 octobre 2013

If you had someone ask you a question regarding Linux OS what would you do?

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I would let them know I would get an answer to them within 24 hrs, then go to the library and find an answer. Moins


Example: Are you willing to work 3-6 months abroad for project assignments (e. g. implementation)?

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Tell me something about yourself?

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My name is kailash choudhary. I am belong to jaipur. My last qualifications is diploma holder that's all about me Moins

APL Logistics

Situational and psychological.

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There were over 20 questions, couldn't list all plus answers.


How many windows are there in the world?

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6 billion x 25

Supermercados Econo

How can I support the stores? How can we improve the inventory and reduce shrinks?

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Making the freight flow, earn credibility on on time delivery to all the stores at the lowest cost Moins

Sungrade Solar

Can you keep up what's Sungrade's fast pace?

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Clopay Corporation

Best way to gan productivity

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Are you Hands on? Do you know what a ERP System is?

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I was about to laugh thought it is a joke....but it was not.

Samsung Electronics

Are you available immediately

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No, 4 weeks

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