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Kloeckner Metals
On a demandé à un Material Handler Overhead Crane Operator/Loader...9 novembre 2015

Do you have experience loading trucks with an overhead crane?

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Mr. Bult’s Inc.

Can you stand for long periods at a time including, climbing, jumping, lifting and pulling

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No , 02

PSC Group

What make you the best man for the job

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Loyalty, integrity, commitment, and knowledge.

I still have a lot to learn from the experts.

Martin Marietta Materials

How many years as a heavy equipment operator I had

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06 years

More than 15 years experience

More than 15 years experience

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Why did you leave your last job

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I was laid off due to shortage of work

How I learned the skills I have.

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I grew up in an environment where I had to learn them hands on.


If I knew to make the rotine exercises ans if you could perform the functions inherent in this job.

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Thinking about my job.

Bunge North America

Work experience related to the job.

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Explained experience with railcars.

Tradesmen International

how much an hour was I looking for, was told no problem.

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What I wanted.

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