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Telepictures Productions
On a demandé à Line Producer...18 mars 2010

Tell about your experience in Television Industry.

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I explained that I had begun on a talk show for ABC and then moved on to produce an award winning film and returned to TV for another talk self help show which ahd been cancelled Moins

China Global Television Network

Where do you get your global news from? Have you ever watched us? What do you think?

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BBC -- Al Jazeera -- Xinhua. And yes, I watched them. I watched LOTS of their programming. Moins

FOX Broadcasting

Do you like to color inside the lines or outside of the box?

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That it reflected an interest in understanding my work style.


What do you think is the best produced movie or tv show, and why?

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I said I really liked the way The Conjuring was done because the director specifically set out to create an environment of fear and suspense without having any blood or gore (especially after he had just finished creating the Saw series...everyone thought he could only make a movie with gore). Moins


Könnten Sie sich auch vorstellen, als Freier Mitarbeiter für uns tätig zu sein? (Ausgeschrieben war eine angestelle Vollzeit-Stelle...) - Wie hoch ist Ihr Tagessatz?


Können Sie sich auch vorstellen, als freier Mitarbeiter für unser Unternehmen tätig zu sein? (ausgeschrieben war eine Vollzeitstelle als Angestellter...) - Was ist Ihr Tagessatz?


Why I wanted to leave my current job.

Bloomberg L.P.

My interview was fairly easy, however I know the news hires now must pass a rigorous news exam designed by news chief, Matt Winkler. If you don't pass, you don't get an offer.

Vox Media

Network locally, and on the west coast, trusted vendors I like to use and work with

What is your greatest strength What is your greatest weakness tell me about yourself

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