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Marriott International
On a demandé à un Line Cook...7 octobre 2009

What are the 5 mother sauces?

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Bechamel Veloute Espognole Hollandaise tomoto


I was only able to respond with 3 couldn't remember the other 2. Unfortunatly that could have been the reason why I didn't get the job. Moins

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Have you ever worked in food before?

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No, but I would be willing to learn.

Yes. .I love dealing with all different kinds of food

Yes. .I love dealing with all different kinds of food

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what days are you available for work

3 réponses

Any day any hours



PURE Canadian Gaming

How long have you been working in this industry?

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One year.

I been working in industries for 10 +

Am really hoping to get on track with the rest of the team, This one of my favorite dreams. Moins

The Ballroom Bowl

what would you like to do with yourself?

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I love to push to the top be on top of my Game when i am Cooking

I doubt most people have an answer for this.

Olive Garden Italian Restaurants

What did you love about your last job?

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that fact that we as a team we're more like a family everyone cared for one another Moins

Take care of my gust make Shore they were happy

Olive Garden Italian Restaurants

Do I have reliable transportation.

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Yes I do Ian available almost anytime you need me just let me no ahead of time.

Yes and open availability

BJ's Restaurants

What is the Hierarchy of food?

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Chiken ,beef,pork & fish

Chicken beef or pork fish ready to eat foods chicken being on bottom

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

What is your availability?

2 réponses

Tell them how much you can work

Any time

Denver Zoo


2 réponses

Truthfully. Pull no punches. Be openand upfront.


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